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        Product / PRODUCT DISPLAY


        First from concentration

        • 15 years of industry precipitation strength ...

          The products are manufactured with GB, CB, JB, JIS, API, DIN, CBM and other technical conditions and...

        • Quality source checks, strict quality superv...

          We must strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system, implement relevant q...

        • Perfect service system, let you worry free.

          Provides the equipment design, the production, the installment, the maintenance unifies the system s...

        • Price concessions maximize profit making cus...

          Have their own development team skilled technicians, can reduce production costs to reduce product p...


        About Us / ABOUT US

        About Us

        Shanghai Jing Cheng marine valve manufacturing Co., Ltd.

        Shanghai Jingzhang Marine Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern professional marine valve manufacturer integrating research, development, production and sales. It is a member of China Valve Association, a member of China Petroleum First-Class Supply Network, a joint venture of China's shipbuilding industry, a member of China Marine Machinery Standardization Technical Committee and the whole company. Member of the National Standardization Committee on marine valves.

        The company has strong ...


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        Mobile:86-021-61536263 Telephone:86-021-61536263

        Address:No. 3199 Zhen Bei Road, Shanghai
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